Content writing for the web is a little different to traditional forms of writing. It needs to be original, informative, persuasive, engaging and searchable. That’s a lot to achieve in one piece of content!

Story Marketing is experienced at  writing websites and blogs and has developed some pretty good skills along the way to ensure we are writing for your audience and what they want to know.

What do People Want to Know

Solving your searchers' queries is the most important thing you can do in when writing on the web. Thinking about the intent of the searcher and matching that to the your content will help you rank with Google.  Understanding what your customers are looking for is key.  


Should I Blog

Yes, absolutely! Google loves fresh content and providing Google with what it wants will increase your website rankings and bring more potential customers to your website. Putting fresh content onto your website brings Google and people back to your site more regularly and increases the chances of converting visitors into customers. 

Need Some Help with Content Writing

If you don’t have the time to write content for your website Story Marketing can help. We provide optimised content writing services to make sure you get the traffic you want on your website as well as the enquiries you deserve. 


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