Five reasons to use a freelance marketing consultant

March 2, 2018

In a world where the demands of day to day marketing require more technical skills it may be time to consider engaging an experienced freelance marketing consultant to help your business manage your marketing needs. Whether you are starting to market your business from scratch, need some new ideas, or need an extra pair of hands on board Story Marketing is here to help.
Following are some reasons why you need a freelance marketing consultant for your business.

1.    Audit what you are currently doing



Most likely a marketing consultant will audit any marketing you are currently undertaking, looking for where you are getting engagement and conversions. They will make recommendations based on this. Many businesses have an overload of data available to them. Making sense of the information available is the first point in developing a digital strategy for your business.

2.    Digital marketing strategy



Conquering the world of digital marketing requires knowledge and resource. Understanding where your customers are and how to find them is the starting point, along with understanding what is working and how the changes in the industry is changing are key. The choices of which digital marketing tools to use is long, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, blogging, search engine optimisation, email marketing, Google AdWords… I could go on. A marketing consultant can look at the options available and help you develop a strategy that works for you. 

3.    New ideas


Marketing consultants tend to have a broad view of marketing and are open to new ideas. As a marketer, I come across many businesses who are cautious in their marketing often due to lack of experience, or a lack of time. An experienced consultant can help put together a strategy for you that you’re comfortable with and that is achievable. You can use a freelance consultant for strategy only or for implementation as well - the choice is yours.

4.    Return on investment

A freelance marketing consultant should be able to track the return on investment for your marketing. Making sure that you focus your energies on what works rather than what doesn’t will help grow your business and manage your marketing costs.

5.    Resources

Having someone around to keep your marketing on track can be very helpful. Most business owners struggle to keep their marketing up to date as they are busy working in the business, not on the business. Engaging a marketing consultant who can provide extra resource when you need helps grow your business.



Using a freelance marketing consultant can help grow your business and give you the time to do what you do best, work in your business. 

If you would like to speak to me about how I can help marketing your business, please get in touch at

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