Search engine optimisation (SEO) – improving your website’s visibility in Google’s non-paid or organic rankings involves using a range of tools to help Google find you.  Good keyword research followed by on-site SEO and off-page SEO will improve your website  ranking, drive traffic to your website, and increase awareness in search engines.

Keyword Research

The first element of SEO is good keyword research to discover the actual words people are using when they think about topics related to your business. Putting together an well-ranked list of keywords is the best place to start in any SEO project.


On-site SEO

Alongside have great keyword research you need to be aware of the importance of technical or on-site SEO. This is to ensure that Google can find you and doesn’t penalise you for any errors that you may have on your site.


There are a number of tools available to crawl your site and find any errors you may have. Using these alongside other SEO tools give you the best possible opportunity to be found by Google.


Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to the activities performed outside of a website to raise the rankings of pages with search engines.


Typically these include:
•    Backlinks - building  links back to your website to raise the domain authority of your website and helps you rank higher on Google
•    Content (guest blogging, videos, infographics)
•    Social media sharing – getting your content shared on social media is a great way to create more links back to your website.


Using a combination of keyword research off-site and on-site SEO will help increase the visibility and traffic to your site. 


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