Writing for the web

Sensation Painters recently went through a rename and re-brand. As a member of the Master Painter's Association the company needed a website that not only looked good but also spoke to the audience - people looking for quality house and commercial painters in Auckland. This web copy and blogs I write are highly optimised to maximise visits.

Writing for the web


The Plastic NZ website has to fulfill a number of roles for its members and the public. It is a site that educates the public about the use of plastics but also informs members and prospective members of their resources, training and networking. The web content I wrote had to take both audiences into account.

Landing page


Writing landing pages for McDonald Vague's Google Adwords' campaigns involved thinking about what the audience required. People looking for information about liqudations need a degree of empathy but also information about what they can do if their business if facing a liquidation. The landing page allows McDonald Vague to have access to email addresses which they can follow up downloads with.

Flyer, social media and website updates

Licensed Renovations worked with BCITO (an industry training organisation) on their 'Not your Average Shed' campaign. Licensed Renovations project managed the build of an architecturally designed shed using apprenctices with the aim to attract more interest in apprentices in NZ. The company was also looking to leverage off the publicity for more work. Alongside social media management, and website updates throughout the campaign, Story Marketing developed this flyer to be handed out during the build to visitors..


McDonald Vague wanted to develop a Guide to Statutory Demands. The guide I wrote for people facing statutory demands advised them about what to do and when they should act. Story Marketing wrote and worked with a designer on developing the guide.

Writing for the web

Skill International (part of Skills Organisation, an industry training organisation) needed assistance with writing content for their new website. This included writing a number of case studies for site as well as refining the copy around their services and delivery.


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