Advertising with Google is easy when you engage Story Marketing to manage your Google Adwords account. As a trained and certified profession in Google Adwords and Analytics you can be assured that your campaign your money is well spent. 

The beauty of Google Adwords is that it is trackable and measurable advertising. For many businesses Google Adwords is a cost effective and measurable form of advertising that gets results.


What do you Need to Know

Google Adwords is not a magic bullet. If your website isn’t up to scratch or your product or service isn’t something that people know about then it’s unlikely Google Adwords will work for you. We will always recommend getting you website tidied up before you look at using Google Adwords. Find out more about how we can help with this

You will be paying each time someone clicks on your advertisement PPC (or pay per click) so getting the advertisements right is important.


How Much Does it Cost

With Adwords you can spend as much or as little as you require but with an industry standard of 20% added onto your bill for a professional to manage your Adwords account it needs to be worthwhile for you.


Optimising your Campaign

It may take a little while to optimise your Adwords your campaign. With 15% of daily searches being new and never been searched before this is something to take into account. With careful keyword research we will do our best to find you the best keywords as well as ensure we have an extensive list of negative keywords that we don’t want you paying for.

How does Google Adwords work

Google has a complicated bidding system which is based on the quality of your ad, your website and your bid. Finding the sweet spot for your campaign and your budget may take some time, but with careful monitoring and optimising we will do our best to get you the results.


To find out more how Story a Marketing can help with your Google Adwords advertising, get in touch.


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