Story Marketing has a wealth of experience in marketing and managing events for a wide range of clients. If you are looking for an event manager to ensure your next event runs smoothly and get the results you are hoping for please get in touch.


Getting current and prospective clients of referrers to events has never been as important as it is today where we live in a digital world. Creating opportunities to meet people IRL (in real life) whether it be networking events, conferences, product launches, business clubs, seminars, graduations or celebrations are important parts of business. 


Story Marketing has experience at managing events, big and small.


Some of the tasks involved in running events that we can assist with include:

•    Setting out goals of the event
•    Researching venues 
•    Putting together a budget including venue hire, food and beverage, speakers, AV and photographers
•    Create Facebook event page and update regularly
•    Write and send out email invitations to your database
•    Working with sponsors and partners
•    Putting together briefing notes and bios for speakers
•    Making accommodation arrangements as needed
•    Putting together micro-sites for registration and payments for events as needed
•    Obtaining permits and licenses for events
•    Develop and distribute press releases for the event
•    Putting together run-sheet for the event
•    Arrange signage, parking, event set up 
•    Event manage so clients can get on with the important business of networking and socialising
•    Briefing MCs, speakers and presenters
•    Set up and run registration tables
•    Tweet highlights throughout the event 
•    Send thank you messages to volunteers, speakers, sponsors
•    Follow up with post event publicity, survey
•    Conduct an evaluation with the team at the end of the event

If you would like assistance with event marketing or management, please get in touch.


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